Will web radio replace the traditional radio?

Nowadays internet is accessible almost anywhere and that is why web radio is becoming more and more popular. Just like traditional radio, also web radio can be listened at car, at work, at home or any other place. Does that means traditional radio is no longer needed and web radio will totally replace AM/FM radio?

First let’s sort out what exactly we are talking about. The traditional radio is the type of radio which is operated by the electromagnetic radio waves, but the web or internet radio is an audio service transmitted or streamed through the internet. So traditional radio represents all the AM/FM radio stations, but web radio represents Internet-only radio stations.

For the time being traditional radio is still more popular than web radio, but the issue is that the popularity of web radio is staidly increasing, but traditional radio remains the same popularity for more than 10 years. That is happening, because of the development of internet and newest technologies. If few years ago web radio was assessable only in a computer or mobile phone, because those were the only widely used gadgets with internet access, than now you can listen to web radio in smart TV, smart watch etc. As the technologies are developing further, it is believed that also web radio will be develop and even might replace the traditional radio.

If the availability of both types of radio, is identical, than all is settled by the supply. That means listeners will choose to listen to the radio stations which conforms their taste and needs. Unfortunately, this also doesn’t speak well for traditional radio, because there is a lot more streaming music services than traditional radio broadcasts, beside in case of web radio, listener can choose what music exactly they wants to listen.

So, all shows that traditional radio really could disappear pretty soon, however the representatives of the biggest radio stations in the world are not so pessimistic. They claim that all the new ways to listen to the radio can’t replace the traditional radio. It only helps them to become better and think more about clients needs. They really believe that traditional radio is irreplaceable and as a proof they point out that lot of people is still listening to the traditional radio despite all the options those new technologies offers.

Only future will show how the radio will develop. We can only make predictions based on statistics, but it’s not said they will come to pass. If you are a fan of traditional radio, there no reason to be worry, because at least for few more years’ traditional radio will be broadcasted as usual.