What is your online shopping style?

Everyone has their own shopping ‘style’, and if you head into your local bricks and mortar store, you can probably identify a few of them within seconds. You’ve got the regulars, whose loyalty to a certain brand, store or even individual salesperson will keep them coming back for more. Then there are the impulse shoppers, those who purchase at a whim based on little more than first impressions of some impressive window display, or the promise of an unbeatable deal. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the shoppers on a mission, who enter a store already knowing exactly what they want to purchase, incapable of being dissuaded from their purpose by anyone or anything. No doubt you are familiar with these and other archetypes – as are the salespeople whose whole job consists of matching the right merchandise with the right kind of person, and tailoring their sales pitch to the specific person and situation rasoio di sicurezza 2019.

In the online world, however, things are a little bit murkier. This is not only because of the anonymity that virtual reality makes possible, but also due to the fact that this domain is a relatively new one, that hasn’t yet been exhaustively analyzed. Fortunately, though, a picture containing the main ‘types‘ of online shopper is starting to emerge. Which one are you? Read on as we take a look…

The maker of wish lists

This type of online shopper is an avid maker of lists – consisting of purchases she ‘wishes’ she could make but is not in a financial position to turn into reality. Her fantasies are nurtured by filling up her shopping cart at online stores with expensive and highly desirable items – but never getting to the checkout stage.

The brand-obsessed shopper

For these individuals, the online shopping experience isn’t about hunting for the best prices and deals – but is motivated by their love for a certain brand. They are desperate to know what the latest product from their favorite brand looks like, what new features it exhibits – and how it would look on them.

The rational shopper

The exact opposite of the brand-worshipper is the rational shopper. This person subjects every purchasing decision to a finely tuned set of scales, carefully weighing and balancing a host of different factors in order to determine what is the most advantageous product for them. They thus particular enjoy online shopping because it allows them to engage in detailed product research, and compare and contrast an unlimited number of different products, all from the convenience of a single screen.

The maximizing shopper

Similar to the rational visitor, the maximalist is obsessed with making the right purchasing decision. But unlike the former, the maximizing shopper already has a clear idea of what product they want to purchase. Their efforts are directed at convincing their own mind that they are making the right decision. They do this by researching, obsessively scouring product reviews, ‘advantages’ and ‘disadvantages’ lists, trying to make sure there are no chinks in the armor of their preferred product livello di umidità.

The easily satisfied shopper

This type of shopper appreciates the online platform for it’s convenience and simplicity: find a suitable product, click, and buy. That’s it! They don’t get caught up in the details. As long as a product meets a minimal set of criteria, it is good enough for them.