How is music selected on radio?

Almost 60% of each radio stations program consists of music, so the success of the radio station mostly depends on music played on it. It is very important and responsible task to choose the right music. It doesn’t seem like a hard job, but actually there are lots of aspects that have to be taken into consideration to make every listener satisfied. If you have ever wondered how the music is chosen on the radio, this is the answer.

Usually, in all biggest radio stations there is special office for that – a music director or music department. A good music director needs to know everything about music – history, classification, styles, musicians, music instruments etc., even if he doesn’t need to use this knowledge directly. Although it is hard enough to learn all about music, that is not all music director needs to know and to be aware of.

First thing that affect the choice of music is the format of the radio. All music stations represent specific music styles. For example, there can be mainstream radio that broadcasts all the biggest, newest hits, country music radio that broadcasts only country music etc. That means music director first needs to decide if the song is appropriate for the specific station or not.

Next important aspect for music choice is to know everything the target audience. Music director needs to be familiar not only with music itself, but also the listeners of the music. For example, if target audience is elder people, then more classic hits should be played, but for youngsters the newest hits. Sometimes radio stations even make researches to figure out what listeners want.

When appropriate songs and target audience have been found, music director needs to make a schedule of this music. That means he needs to know what music to play on what time. For example, at morning, when people needs to wake up, more fun music should be played, but at nights more calm and peaceful music, although this also depends on aspect mentioned above – the target audience.

When it is all clear about music and broadcasting time, next ting music director needs to deal with is the exact on-air time. Every song has different length, so it is not always possible to ply the songs that are most appropriate by other criteria. It takes a lot of time, to make punctual program.

So now you see how much work and knowledge it takes to make a radio music schedule. If sometimes radio program seems illogical or the same songs are being played over and over again, maybe that is what the target audience wants and you need to look for different radio stations.