The best web radio stations for every taste

There are many good web radio stations, but because of the easy creation of them, they are all somewhere between thousands of poor and unprofessional stations. It might be quite challenging to go through all of them and try to find something good. We decided to make it easier for you, so here is a list of some good web radio stations that represents different music styles and content.

Let’s start with the speech radio stations. The first one is Audio book Radio. The name of the station tells everything. It is a radio station that broadcasts audio books, short stories and even theatric plays. The content is really amazing. Listeners are able to enjoy high quality literature without even buying a book.

Blog Talk Radio is another typical speech radio, but it provides very interesting content. Anyone who wants to talk about some specific topic can offer their ideas and make a talk show. There is all kind of topics covered in this station, but it is not in amateur level. Usually talkers are professionals and know what they are talking about. So it is a great way how to educate yourself in many fields.

WKSU also is a speech radio station, but there is also some great music broadcasted. It is small, non commercial radio station. WKSU is more appropriate for mature personalities. The program mostly consists of serious, inspiring talks and educational broadcasts, but there is also some good music broadcasted. Every morning classical music is played and later in the evening there is also some serious contemporary music. Although it is non commercial station, the radio-makers really can offer high quality content.

Then there are also lots of great radio stations that provide only music, interviews with musicians or other broadcasts related to music. One of them is Shuffler.FM. It provides all kinds of music. That is a station where you can find amateur music from each and every music style. It is the best radio station if you are willing to listen to original music from new artists, not just popular music hits, which are offered in most of the web stations.

Jazz 24 is a high quality web radio station that broadcasts only Jazz music and some interweaves with best Jazz musicians. The general manager of this radio station is a huge Jazz music fan. This station is his passion, that’s why there is the best Jazz music selection provides. There is everything from the well known classic Jazz musicians until the best new artists. This station is a dream for each Jazz music fan.

Rock-It Radio provides nothing else but rock & roll music from 50s and late 60s. The website of this station looks very plain and simple, so some might think that it’s another amateur radio with some boring talks and bad quality music, but it really broadcast some good music. It is a throwback to the time rock & roll music was everything.

THE 90s BUTTON is another great throwback, but this time to the 90s. Although 90s is not so far away, still it is a great way how to get nostalgic feelings. This station broadcasts only the hits that were popular in the 90s and late 80s. Radio-makers in this station really know how to make a great broadcast schedule and please listeners with greatest hits from the childhood or youth.